Dr Jen Burr

Dr Jen Burr

I graduated in medicine from the University of Birmingham, subsequently specialised in ophthalmology. In 2002, following an MSc in epidemiology and statistics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, I moved to an academic post in the Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen.

In St Andrews I lead a portfolio of clinical research into effective and efficient models for eye care, using a variety of methods including qualitative, evidence synthesis, economic modelling, and clinical trials. I an executive chair of the Applied Clinical Trials Centre Investigating Vision & Eyes at Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre in Ophthalmology supporting the design and conduct of clinical trials to address the important questions in ophthalmology and the development of core outcome measures for research and clinical practice. http://www.brcophthalmology.org/ACTIVE/Default.aspx

School roles:

  • Vision research lead
  • Chair of the NHS Research Strategy Group
  • Chair of the Space Planning and Infrastructure Committee
  • Member of the School Ethics Committee
  • Member of the Research Management Group
  • Member of the School Management Group
  • Member of the SCALE group and co-lead of the Mentoring task force
  • Clinical teacher

data source: symbiosis