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Ms In Hwa Um
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Genome-scale CRISPR/Cas9 screen determines factors modulating sensitivity to ProTide NUC-1031 In Hwa Um, Tsz Huen Chan, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison, Paul Andrew Reynolds
Scientific Reports 2019 vol.9 
Dynamic modulation of phosphoprotein expression in ovarian cancer xenograft models Simon Langdon, In Hwa Um, Charlene Kay, Kyle Francis, David James Harrison, V Anne Smith
BMC Cancer 2016 vol.16 
Evaluation of carbonic anhydrase IX as a therapeutic target for inhibition of breast cancer invasion and metastasis using a series of in vitro breast cancer models Carol Ward, James Meehan, Peter Mullen, Claudiu Supuran, J. Michael Dixon, Jeremy S. Thomas, Jean-Yves Winum, Philippe Lambin, Ludwig Dubois, Nanda-Kumar Pavathaneni, Edward J. Jarman, Lorna Renshaw, In Hwa Um, Charlene Kay, David James Harrison, Ian H. Kunkler, Simon P. Langdon
Oncotarget 2015 vol.6 pp.24865-24870
Multi-scale genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of colorectal cancer cell lines to identify novel biomarkers Romina Briffa, In Hwa Um, Dana Faratian, Ying Zhou, Arran K Turnbull, Simon P Langdon, David James Harrison
PLoS One 2015 vol.10 
Relationship between differentially expressed mRNA and mRNA-protein correlations in a xenograft model system Simon Langdon, In Hwa Um, David James Harrison, V Anne Smith
Scientific Reports 2015 vol.5 
The role of HDAC2 in chromatin remodelling and response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer Rui Huang, Simon P. Langdon, Matthew Tse, Peter Mullen, In Hwa Um, Dana Faratian, David James Harrison
Oncotarget 2015 vol.7 pp.4695-4711
Characterisation of phosphorylated checkpoint kinase 1 as a poor prognostic biomarker in serous ovarian cancer K. E. Francis, Peter Mullen, In Hwa Um, C. Kay, David James Harrison, S. P. Langdon
Journal of Pathology 2013 vol.231 pp.46
The use of aromatase inhibitors in ovarian cancer and identification of responsive tumors Simon Langdon, Dana Faratian, Charlie Gourley, David James Harrison, In Hwa Um, John Smyth
 2009 pp.163-174