Dr Han Xiao

Dr Han Xiao
Research Assistant

After completing BSc in Biochemistry in University of Dundee, I continued my studies in the molecular biology field and gained her PhD from University of Dundee in 2010. This was a joint PhD studentship between James Hutton Institute and University of Dundee. During this project I identified some potent polyphenols from fruit and vegetable that can exert chemopreventive effect and the mechanism underlying it. Subsequently, I worked in University of Manchester for a year on a project investigating the association between the changes of ion channel activity with the development of aging.

I joined the Gillespie lab in Sep 2012. My current project is to develop a molecular based assay for detecting TB from biological samples. This assay aims to provide a more accurate, fast and cost-effective diagnosis method. Mycobacterium smegmatis and Mycobacterium marinum are used as model systems for drug development. These new assays will speed the evaluation of novel agents through in vivo models. Future work will involve the identification of TB cells at different state by applying molecular and microscopic techniques.

data source: symbiosis

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