Prof Frank Sullivan

Prof Frank Sullivan
Professor of Primary Care Medicine

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Frank Sullivan has been an academic GP since 1984.  He was appointed as the Professor of Primary Care Medicine in the University of St. Andrews in 2017 where he also leads the Division of Population and Behavioural Science.  His research interests lie mainly in health informatics and community based trials, covering the spectrum from record-linkage of electronic health records to decision support to the evaluation of complex interventions.  Professor Sullivan has published 234 papers on primary care research, notably in the early detection of cancer and the management of diabetes and Bell’s palsy.  He won the British Medical Association Research paper of the year in 2009 and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2011 – the first family physician since 1908. His clinical practice is currently in Glenrothes.

From March 1998 until February 2014 he was the NHS Tayside professor of R&D in General Practice and Primary Care.  In the seven years before moving to Toronto he was the clinical director of the Scottish School of Primary Care.  From 2014-17 he was the inaugural Gordon F. Cheesbrough Research Chair at North York General Hospital and director of the University of Toronto’s Practice Based Research Network: UTOPIAN.  He is an honorary professor in the University of Dundee, the Department of Family & Community Medicine and Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto and an Adjunct Scientist in the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Ontario

source: research@st-andrews
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