Prof David Harrison

Prof David Harrison
Chair of Pathology, & Director of Development Laboratory Medicine, NHS Lothian

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Automated analysis of lymphocytic infiltration, tumor budding, and their spatial relationship improves prognostic accuracy in colorectal cancer Kate Lillard, Hideki Ueno, David James Harrison, Peter David Caie
Cancer Immunology Research 2019 vol.7 
Automated tumour budding quantification by machine learning augments TNM staging in muscle-invasive bladder cancer prognosis Nicolas Brieu, David James Harrison, Günter Schmidt, Peter David Caie
Scientific Reports 2019 vol.9 
Colorectal cancer outcome prediction from H&E whole slide images using machine learning and automatically inferred phenotype profiles Yue Xingzhi, Peter David Caie, David James Harrison, Oggie Arandelovic
ArXiv e-prints  
Colorectal cancer outcome prediction from H&E whole slide images using machine learning and automatically inferred phenotype profiles Xingzhi Yue, Peter David Caie, David James Harrison, Oggie Arandelovic
 2019 pp.139-127
Genome-scale CRISPR/Cas9 screen determines factors modulating sensitivity to ProTide NUC-1031 In Hwa Um, Tsz Huen Chan, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison, Paul Andrew Reynolds
Scientific Reports 2019 vol.9 
Novel internationally verified method reports desmoplastic reaction as the most significant prognostic feature for disease-specific survival in stage II colorectal cancer Yoshiki Kajiwara, Satsuki Mochizuki, David James Harrison, Peter David Caie, Hideki Ueno
American Journal of Surgical Pathology  vol.Ahead of print 
Raman spectroscopy investigation of biochemical changes in tumor spheroids with aging and after treatment with staurosporine Lauren E. Jamieson, David James Harrison, Colin J. Campbell
Journal of Biophotonics 2019 vol.12 
The landscape of genomic copy number alterations in colorectal cancer and their consequences on gene expression levels and disease outcome Thomas Ried, Gerrit A. Meijer, David James Harrison, Godfrey Grech, Sebastià Franch-Expósito, Romina Briffa, Beatriz Carvalho, Jordi Camps
Molecular Aspects of Medicine  vol.In press 
A principled machine learning framework improves accuracy of stage II colorectal cancer prognosis Oggie Arandelovic, David James Harrison, Peter David Caie
npj Digital Medicine 2018 vol.1 
Digital Pathology: Path to the Future Peter David Caie, David James Harrison
 2018 pp.185-198
Identifying prognostic structural features in tissue sections of colon cancer patients using point pattern analysis Peter David Caie, Janine Baerbel Illian, Ben C. Stevenson, Anne Savage, David James Harrison, James L. Brown
Statistics in Medicine  vol.Early View 
Podocyte injury elicits loss and recovery of cellular forces Nils Michael Kronenberg, David James Harrison, Malte Christian Gather, Paul Andrew Reynolds
Science Advances 2018 vol.4 
Somatic cancer genetics in the UK Colin R Lindsay, Emily C Shaw, Fiona Blackhall, Kevin G Blyth, James D Brenton, Anshuman Chaturvedi, Noel Clarke, Craig Dick, Thomas R J Evans, Geoff Hall, Andrew M Hanby, David James Harrison, Stephen R D Johnston, Malcolm D Mason, Dion Morton, Julia Newton-Bishop, Andrew G Nicholson, Karin A Oien, Sanjay Popat, Doris Rassl, Rowena Sharpe, Phillipe Taniere, Ian Walker, William A Wallace, Nicholas P West, Rachel Butler, David Gonzalez de Castro, Mike Griffiths, Peter W M Johnson
ESMO Open 2018 vol.3 
WHO/ISUP classification, grading and pathological staging of renal cell carcinoma Anne Y. Warren, David James Harrison
World Journal of Urology 2018 vol.36 pp.1913-1926
A signaling visualization toolkit to support rational design of combination therapies and biomarker discovery James L Brown, Mark Shovman, Paul Robertson, Andrei Boiko, Alexey Goltsov, Peter Mullen, David James Harrison
Oncotarget 2017 vol.8 pp.29657-29667
A systematic search strategy identifies cubilin as independent prognostic marker for renal cell carcinoma Gabriela Gremel, Dijana Djureinovic, Marjut Niinivirta, Alexander Laird, Oscar Ljungqvist, Henrik Johannesson, Julia Bergman, Perk-Henrik Edqvist, Sanjay Navani, Naila Khan, Tushar Patil, Åsa Sivertsson, Mathias Uhlén, David James Harrison, Gustav J. Ullenhag, Grant D. Stewart, Fredrik Pontén
BMC Cancer 2017 vol.17 
Epigenetic sampling effects Christophe Van Neste, Alexander Laird, Fiach O'Mahony, Wim Van Criekinge, Dieter Deforce, Filip Van Nieuwerbugh, Thomas Powles, David James Harrison, Grant D. Stewart, Tim De Meyer
Cellular Oncology 2017 vol.40 pp.293-297
Experimental nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and liver fibrosis are ameliorated by pharmacological activation of Nrf2 (NF-E2-related factor 2) Ritu S. Sharma, David James Harrison, Dorothy Kisielewski, Diane M. Cassidy, Alison D. McNeilly, Jennifer R. Gallagher, Shaun V. Walsh, Tadashi Honda, Rory J. McCrimmon, Albena T. Dinkova-Kostova, Michael L.J. Ashford, John F. Dillon, John D. Hayes
Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology  vol.5 pp.367-398
Inhibition of pH regulation as a therapeutic strategy in hypoxic human breast cancer cells James Meehan, Carol Ward, Arran Turnbull, Jimi Bukowski-Wills, Andrew Finch, Edward J. Jarman, Chrysi Xintaropoulou, Carlos Martinez-Perez, Mark Gray, Matthew Pearson, Peter Mullen, Claudia T. Supuran, Fabrizio Carta, David James Harrison, Ian H. Kunkler, Simon Langdon
Oncotarget 2017 vol.8 pp.42857-42875
Kinetic modelling of in vitro data of PI3K, mTOR1, PTEN enzymes and on-target inhibitors Rapamycin, BEZ235, and LY294002 Alexey Goltsov, Ghassan Tashkandi, Simon P Langdon, David James Harrison, James L Bown
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 vol.97 pp.170-181
MCM-2 CELL BASED ASSAY IS A SENSITIVE AND SPECIFIC TEST FOR RISK STRATIFICATION OF BLADDER CANCER PATIENTS. Kasra Saeb-Parsy, Peter David Caie, Durgesh Rana, Nadira Narine, Bensita Thottakam, Sushant Dhanvhijay, Andrew Ball, Alexander Wilson, David James Harrison
Overcoming intratumoural heterogeneity for reproducible molecular risk stratification Alexander L. R. Lubbock, Grant D. Stewart, Fiach C. O'Mahoney, Alexander Laird, Peter Mullen, Marie O'Donnell, Thomas Powles, David James Harrison, Ian M. Overton
BMC Medicine 2017 vol.15