Mrs Aixa Aleman-Diaz

Mrs Aixa Aleman-Diaz
Policy Officer, WHO Collaborating Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy (CAHRU)

As Policy Advisor for the WHO Collaborative Centre for International Child and Adolescent Health Policy at the School of Medicine I work to advance issues related to adolescent health internationally. I work with policy makers, researchers and advocates to identify priority issues aimed at improving young people's health and well-being. The centre's workplan has several strands related to the social determinants of health and prevention of health inequalities, reduction of youth violence and prevention of risk behaviours. I am part of the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study and work with the network to advance its policy work and youth participation agenda. We are the only WHO CC in Europe focussing on how society and culture impact the health and well-being of children and adolescents.

Previously I served as Assistant International Network Coordinator at the HBSC International Coordinating Centre (ICC) and as legislative counsel in the US Congress. I was also a Presidential Management Fellow at the USA Department of Housing & Urban Development. I have 13 years experience working in policy-making environments. I was born in Puerto Rico, speak fluent Spanish and hold degrees in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

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