Ms Angela Martinelli

Ms Angela Martinelli
Postgraduate student

data source: symbiosis

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The dyslexia susceptibility KIAA0319 gene shows a specific expression pattern during zebrafish development supporting a role beyond neuronal migration Monika Gostic, Angela Martinelli, Carl Tucker, Zhengyi Yang, Jade-Yi Ewart, Kishan Dholakia, Keith Thomas Sillar, Javier Ananda Tello, Silvia Paracchini
Journal of Comparative Neurology  vol.In press 
The DCDC2 deletion is not a risk factor for dyslexia Thomas S. Scerri, Ellen Macpherson, Angela Martinelli, Wong Cheuk Wa, Anthony P. Monaco, John Stein, Mo Zheng, Connie Suk-Han Ho, Catherine McBride, Margaret Snowling, Charles Hulme, Marianna E. Hayiou-Thomas, Mary M.Y. Waye, Joel B. Talcott, Silvia Paracchini
Translational Psychiatry 2017 vol.7 
A genome-wide analysis in cluster headache points to neprilysin and PACAP receptor gene variants Elena Bacchelli, Maria Michela Cainazzo, Cinzia Cameli, Simona Guerzoni, Angela Martinelli, Michele Zoli, Elena Maestrini, Luigi Alberto Pini
Journal of Headache and Pain 2016 vol.17 
Copy number variation screen identifies a rare de novo deletion at chromosome 15q13.1-13.3 in a child with language impairment Kerry Andrea Pettigrew, Emily Reeves, Ruth Leavett, Marianna E. Hayiou-Thomas, Anahita Sharma, Nuala H. Simpson, Angela Martinelli, Paul Thompson, Charles Hulme, Margaret J. Snowling, Dianne F. Newbury, Silvia Paracchini
PLoS One 2015 vol.10