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Euro funding for addiction prevention project

Prevention of poly-drugs addiction and reduction of drug-related harms programs for young people in recreational settings.

Researchers at the University of St Andrews have been awarded significant funding from the EU for an 18 month transnational project into prevention of poly-drug addiction in young adults which will be conducted alongside partners in Italy and Denmark.

This work is being led by health psychologists and scientists from the Bute Medical School, Professor Gerry Humphris, Dr Jo Cecil and Dr Alex Baldacchino with collaboration from Dianne Earley, Senior Health Promotion Officer, NHS Fife and Kenneth Cameron, Drug Liaison Coordinator for  Fife Police Constabulary.

Their research study primarily aims to:

  1. Investigate the current data related to recreational poly-drug consumption and review the published interventions which target leisure settings.
  2. Map interventions which have been implemented within recreational settings across Scotland
  3. To determine ‘best practice’ for evaluating programs aimed at targeting poly-drug consumption in leisure environments.

"Our team in St Andrews are delighted to be a part of this wider European project to enhance our understanding of drug use in recreational areas." said Professor Gerry Humphris of the University of St Andrews Bute Medical School. "The experience of  prevention activities within Scotland focusing on this category of drug use will substantially inform European authorities and act as a stimulus to further work within the European Union."

contact: Ms Tahira Akbar

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