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Dr Morven Shearer

Academic Fellow

Tel: 01334 463573
Fax: 01334 463600
Room: 319 (MBS)
Medical and Biological Sciences Building
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9TF

  Member of: School of Medicine
Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences

General Information

Graduating from the University of Glasgow with a BSc (Hons I) degree in Pharmacology, I was awarded a MSc in Pharmacology by the University of Iowa for my work on cellular signalling mechanisms in breast and brain cancer, and a PhD from the University of Cambridge for my investigations into nerve regeneration following spinal cord injury.

I moved to the University of St Andrews in 2001. During this time, I became interested in biomedical ethics, an interest which I developed further during my time at the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford and at the University of London. I joined the School of Medicine in February 2011.

I am interested in the ethical issues raised by advances in medicine, particularly those involving reproductive technologies and those surrounding children and health care. Following on from my work on paediatric anti-depressant use, I am looking at the regulation of pharmaceutical testing on children and I’m also part of a research project considering how to optimise the care of children with severe cerebral palsy, and evaluating their transition into adult services.

In summer 2011 I worked at the WHO headquarters in Geneva on the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) international questionnaire, which is a part of a multi-partner project exploring the effects of child maltreatment on long term chronic health and health risk behaviours. In addition, I’m continuing my work with the Innogen Centre at the University of Edinburgh on balancing risks within pharmaceutical and pesticide use.

During my fellowship, I hope to develop a distinct research area in medical ethics and health policy, and to strengthen links with WHO, the Ethox Centre and the Innogen Centre, as well as other groups within St Andrews based in Philosophy and Management.

School Roles

  • Overseeing ethics teaching from first to third year
  • Ethics lead for St Andrews, Scottish Deans Medical Education Group

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