Visit to Changsha

As part of the Chinese Medical Board study on evaluating the communication processes of family meetings with ICU staff in six ICU centres in Hospitals in the Hunan Region, Gerry Humphris made another visit to Changsha, China.  His initial visit was in January 2015 where he received a Visiting Professorship with the (First Division) South Central University.  Hence it was a timely journey to discuss results of this project and plan future work with the ICU staff.  The first week of activities included:

His first day saw him presenting to the Faculty of Medicine on Psychotherapy with members of the Medical School and Departmental staff from

Clinical Psychology.  This was followed by a Round Table Discussion to Postgraduates in Medicine and Faculty Staff on current global healthcare

issues with expert panel including Gerry Humphris, Albert Kim (Junior Nobel Prize winner in the field of Alzheimer Disease and Biomedicine), Prof Ruth Freeman (Professor of Dental Public Health).


He then visited the 3rd Xiangya University Hospital, Changsha and met with Vice Dean Xianhong, School of Nursing, Prof Ruth Freeman, Dr Siyang Yuan (Research Fellow), Associate Professor Angela Liu, International Office  all pictured below:

Prof Humphris then gave a training session to Faculty at 3rd Xiangya Hospital on the VR-CoDES system to analyse emotional talk in health care provider interactions with patients and carers, followed by an all-day Training workshop with 30 Hospital staff and local researchers as participants (postgrads and postdocs) on the use of the 5 Habits Communication Skills programme.

He also visited ICU in 3rd Xiangya Univ Hospital to meet with Intervention group staff to explain initial results and share findings.

This was then followed by a visit to Human Region’s Cancer centre, the extensive Hunan Cancer Hospital and a discussion with the lead ICU clinical director of CMB study results followed by some well deserved time off!

The following week was spent working with Tom Brown (Dean of Science, University of St Andrews) and Wei Lin from our Registry where they were invited to Dinner with International Director of CSU (Prof Bai) Visit to Central South University.  Visit to Campus of 60,000 students and to attend the Central South University national Fair for postgraduate Chinese students to select an International University to pursue their PhD.  Over 50 interested potential students signed up at Fair (6 hour event).

Below are some further images from Prof Humphris’ visit.