UK-Brazil Extracellular Vesicle and Neglected Tropical Diseases Workshop May 2016

group photoFiona Cooke (PhD student with Dr Simon Powis) recently attended the UK-Brazil Extracellular Vesicle and Neglected Tropical Diseases Workshop May 2016.  Fiona was one of 34 delegates participating from across the UK and Brazil.  The UK-Brazil EV and NTD workshop  was the place for young career researchers to be for collaborations and more.  The workshop took place at the Orotour Garden Hotel near the town of Capivari; just a 2 hour drive from Sao Paulo.  Up in the breezy and quiet mountains it was easy to discuss and listen to the topics at hand without the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many topics were covered from the general isolation of EVs to their therapeutic potentials in disease.  The week of talks also included many a chance to network and collaborate with fellow researchers.  Funding opportunities and equality for women in science were also on the list of informative talks.  Plans to produce 2 position papers were also put into motion.

Generously, towards the end of the week the delegation had the privilege of a tour around the Butanta Institute, one of the leading institutes in vaccine and venom research, followed by a talk from Dr Paulo Lee Ho.  Over the week many friendships were formed and many ideas shared.

The event was organised Dr Dave Carter and Dr Emmanuel Dias-Neto and supported by British Council, CNPq and CONFAP /FAPESP whom everyone who attended is most grateful to. maountain photo