Transformations Conference 2017

Recently, joint Geography-Medicine PhD student Sarah Huque presented work, conducted as part of her previous dissertation for the MSc in Global Health Implementation, at the Transformations 2017 conference in Dundee.  The work was titled: “Developing a research agenda for health promotion, community empowerment and holistic problem-solving using the World Game: a pilot study.”  The presentation took the form of one of the conference’s “speed talks,” the format of which allowed researchers to provide a snippet of a presentation, then lead more in-depth discussion groups with interested audience members.  It was one of the many participatory approaches used in the Transformations conference, which focused on combatting climate change, but included a wide-range of topics relating to sustainability under that umbrella, including holistic, methodologically novel health promotion.  The conference also used participatory art, group brain-storming sessions, practice sessions, and other techniques aimed at generating discussion around ways to rapidly transform approaches to sustainability.