Research visit to Hong Kong and Japan

hong_kongDr Silvia Paracchini has recently travelled to the Far East on a research trip. She visited the National Center for Child Health and Development in Tokyo and the University of Hokkaido supported by a Sasakawa Foundation travel award. The aimed of the project is to set up a collaboration with Prof Ayumi Seki for the collection of a new cohort to study the genetics of dyslexia in Japan.

She then visited the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she has an established collaboration with Prof Cammie McBride funded by the Hong Kong Research Council to study language and literacy trajectories in bilingual children. Silvia and Cammie and also been awarded a Scotland/Hong Kong partnership award to include further cognitive and behavioural assessment in the ongoing project. Silvia gave talks both in Japan and Hong Kong.

She was the keynote speaker during one day conference open to scientists, parent, therapists and teachers.