Plastic Surgery Research Council’s 62nd Annual Meeting

Third year medical student, Kirun Baweja, recently had the opportunity to present a research poster at the Plastic Surgery Research Council’s 62nd Annual Meeting, in Durham, North Carolina.  The annual meeting provides a platform for international medical professionals and researchers to convene, present, and learn about leading research in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The conference spanned four days and highlighted research from various aspects of plastic surgery; from craniofacial, to burn recovery and skin grafting, to aesthetics.  Several workshops were held on the topic of grant writing, funding options, and research techniques.  Kirun’s poster, entitled “Changes in Skull Dysmorphology Over Time in Unilateral Coronal Synostosis”, stemmed from her work at Yale University. Her research sought to uncover the etiopathogensis of facial deformity in unilateral coronal synostosis (UCS), a condition in which one of the sutures in the skull fuses prematurely.

Kirun would like to thank the St Andrews School of Medicine for their funding, which made this trip possible.  She would also like to thank her parents, for their unfaltering support, and her research supervisor, Dr John Persing, for his guidance and mentorship.