New Project supported by Chinese Medical Board

Professor Gerry Humphris and Dr Yuefang Zhou have been invited by the Principal Investigator (Dr Xingchun Liu) of a recently awarded China Medical Board Project to deliver a Shared Decision Making workshop (train the trainers) at The Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South China, Hunan Province, China, in January 2016. This training event is part of the intervention being tested in a three year project (including the Medical School of St Andrews) which is being evaluated by a clustered randomised trial.

The successful bid will generate new data requiring the Coding Room facilities for detailed investigation of the effects of the intervention. The workshop plays a central part of in the project investigating ‘Effects of Family-Clinician Shared Decision Making model on Patient Centred Cared in Advanced Critical Illness’.  The development of more patient-centred approaches to health care provision within the hospital network is being recognised as essential in Chinese health care specialities. Hence this workshop will further develop collaboration opportunities within this region of China.