Breast Cancer Now visit

The Medical School was visited by representatives of Breast Cancer Now.  They included the CEO for Breast Cancer Now Ms Delyth Morgan, Ms Fiona Hazell, Director of Communications and Engagement, and Ms Mary Allison (Director of Scotland, BCN).  They arrived in the afternoon of Wednesday 27th September and spent most of their 2 hour visit discussing with Prof Gerry Humphris (Medicine): Dr Tom Kelsey (Computer Science), Reader; Dr Gozde Ozakinci, Senior Lecturer (Medicine) and Valetin Popov from CREEM about current research activity.  The Medical School has received funding from BCN over the past year which has been extended for a further 2 years to run a project (Humphris, PI) to design a communication skills package for therapeutic radiographers in Scotland (FORECAST2), notably at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre with the support of patient groups and the College of Radiographers in London.  Dr Ozakinci presented her recent work in attitudes to fertility in breast cancer patients and planning for project work in physical activity and improvements in health and reductions in recurrence fears.  Dr Kelsey relayed his interest in the preparation of guidelines from empirical findings and also his expertise in use of e-mobile technology.  Dr Popov provided an example of the use of Hidden Markov Modelling to understand sequences of interaction between clinician and patient revealing interesting patterns.  Mara van Beusekom attended to be introduced as the new RA working with Humphris on the new intervention study (FORECAST2).


Visitors from Breast Cancer Now at the Medical School.  The CEO of BCN (Delyth Morgan) displays a pottery bowl made by Ruth Freeman (Gerry’s wife) to commemorate the FORECAST study.