Developing an individual-based mathematical model for antibiotic resistant bacteria in urinary tract infections

Antimicrobial resistance is an increasingly serious threat to global public health. New resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally, threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases, resulting in prolonged illness, disability, and death. Multidisciplinary research into antimicrobial resistant infections will allow the knowledge and expertise of several important fields to be amalgamated, with a greater chance of progress in …

Dissecting Art: Modern Perspectives and Historic Medicine Workshop

Recently the School of Medicine in collaboration with the Schools of English Language Teaching, Art History and the Special Collections Division of the University Library hosted a workshop entitled Dissecting Art: Modern Perspectives and Historic Medicine for the International Foundation Programme for Medicine students.

Global health conference, “Global health in an unequal global village, how should the world respond”

Organised by the University of St Andrews African Caribbean Society (STA-ACS) and hosted by the school of Medicine’s Division of Infection and Global Health (IGH), the conference was the first in the African Lecture Series (ALS), bringing together students and academics.