What is a simulated patient?

The Simulated Patient programme provides an introductory experience for students to practise clinical and communication skills. There are two categories of Simulated Patient: Communication Skills and Clinical Skills:

Clinical Skills:

Clinical skills SPs serve as living anatomic models for the practise of basic skills such as taking a blood pressure and physical examinations. They also provide students with an opportunity to practise history taking and diagnosis. No special knowledge or experience is required. No acting experience is required.

Communication skills:

Communication skills SPs act out a particular role or character allowing students to respond appropriately. They are provided with a scenario rather than a script and are expected to act in the manner of the role they have been provided with, therefore acting skills are required. The workshops do not include any clinical examinations.

I am interested. What do I do now?

If you have further questions, please contact our Simulated Patient coordinator:

Email: simpatient@st-andrews.ac.uk

Clinical Skills Tel: 01334 461852

Communication Skills Tel: 01334 461891