Solas is the management system for the ScotGEM course. Solas provides staff with the ability to organise case-based learning elements and resources.  

The Glaucoma Profile Instrument

The Glaucoma Profile Instrument (GPI) is a six-dimension disease specific patient reported outcome instrument for use as a measure of health outcome.

Poems for Doctors

Poems for Doctors is a collaboration between Scottish Poetry Library and the School of Medicine, developed out of Tools of the Trade: Poems for new doctors, a small anthology of poems.


MedSaint is the University of St Andrews’ medical journal, with pieces written by St Andrews students from years 1 to 3.

Women in Science

This website promotes the activities and successes of women working in science at the University of St Andrews by providing key information to those seeking to develop a career in science at St Andrews.

Health Psychology

The Health Psychology Group consists of health, clinical and academic psychologists with interests in improvement, provision and training within the health sector


he Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences is an interdisciplinary community of researchers who study the behaviour of human beings and other animals from cellular, neural, cognitive and evolutionary perspectives.


Our bespoke curriculum management system


The handbook for School of Medicine staff and students. Login required for some content.

Metal Ions in Medicine

Molecular and systems research into the role that metal ions play in health and disease

Global Health

The Global Health Implementation initiative is a collaborative initiative between the School of Medicine in St Andrews and the College of Medicine in Malawi

Zoonotic Malaria

The Cox-Singh group works on zoonotic malaria caused by plasmodium knowlesi


A Windows sharepoint service for staff members in the School to collaborate and share work


Providing support to large sequence analysis and functional genomics projects


Studying the genetic basis of complex cognitive and behavioural phenotypes with a particular focus on the biology of dyslexia


The Biomedical Research Sciences Complex supports the multi-disciplinary work from a number of research groups across the University


The HBSC research network is an international alliance of researchers that collaborate on the cross-national survey of school students

External Tutors

Our site for external tutors to login and access teaching materials