University of St Andrews


Medicine at St Andrews

Medicine has been taught in the historic Scottish town of St Andrews since 1413. St Andrews' School of Medicine has a long-standing reputation for embracing and encouraging innovation and for being one of the best places to study medicine in the UK.

In 2010, the University opened the UK's most modern medical school at the heart of its science campus. The building was purpose-built to match the School of Medicine's redesigned curriculum, which meets the General Medical Council's (GMC) aspirations for future undergraduate teaching. Students on the programme have a unique opportunity to graduate after three years before moving on to one of our Partner Medical Schools to complete their training as a doctor.

The new Medical School ensures the continued success of medical research at St Andrews, which is one of the UK's leading research universities. Internationally-recognised research programmes in various aspects of molecular medicine, psychology and community health sciences are currently underway, with the ground-breaking findings by researchers in the Medical School at the forefront of many areas of medical and healthcare research.