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MUSA workshop - How do I work? Bizarre Bones

Two members of our teaching staff (Dr Susie Whiten and Dr Alun Hughes) recently helped enthusiastic pre-school and primary children assemble their own, real skeleton and learn what our bones do for us and what we can do for them.  Held in the MUSA learning loft workshop over two sessions, 25 ...continue

REMox Results presented at ATS Webinar

Stephen Gillespie participated in the American Thoracic Society Microbiology, Tuberculosis and Pulmonary Infections Webinar series on 12th February 2015. He presented the results of the recently completed REMoxTB trial to an audience of more than 100 physicians from the US and across the world. He joined Digby Warner from University of Cape ...continue

Capacity building in pathogen surveillance in Latin America

The University of Costa Rica, San José, was the recent venue for the Genomics and Epidemiological Surveillance of Bacterial Pathogens course (1st-6th February 2015) run by the Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses, which aims to build capacity in genomics and bioinformatics in Latin America. Matt Holden from the Infection Group in the Medical ...continue